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Specialists in Surveying & mapping of underground utilities

We are specialists in the location, surveying and mapping of underground utilities, providing you with an accurate and detailed plan of all detectable underground services within your specific site. Service Location can carry out all major underground
surveys, some of which are…

  • HV & LV Electricity Cables
  • Telecommunication Routes

  • Water Mains
  • Gas Mains

  • Drainage Pipes
  • Private Utilities

  • Underground Structures & Features

GPR Surveys

gpr survey specialists

For all our ground penetrating radar services, we use the next generation MALA HDR radars for accuracy and reliability.

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Electomagnetic Surveys

electromagnetic survey services

We offer our electromagnetic survey services using the most advanced pipe & cable locator utility detector on the market.

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Drainage Surveys

underground surveying

Service Location is a leading UK operator of specialised inspection equipment specifically designed to survey hazardous areas.

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Providing full UK coverage, with over 20 years experience