Drainage Surveys

With continuous use over many years drains can quickly deteriorate. There are many causes which include below standard construction, material failure and tree root intrusion. These problems although not always visible are damaging factors that can cause real problems.

Service Location Limited utilises the latest CCTV surveying equipment to provide comprehensive drainage surveys of complete drainage infrastructure. Survey staff are trained to operate in confined spaces, to enable detailed surveys to be completed and data to be collected. Blockages can be easily be identified and measurement provided from the access point to identify where blockages have occurred.

We supply a copy of the survey and an emailed written report which includes photographic evidence of any damage or blockage that is discovered during the survey.

Vital drainage survey planning information:

  • Drainage renewal
  • Drainage discharge consent
  • Connectivity of drainage routes
  • Compliance with IPPC and ISO 14000 regulations
drainage surveys
survey mapping