Environmental Policy

Service Location is committed to protecting the environment. We undertake as a company to minimise the effect that our operations have on the natural environment.

We aim to:

» Reduce the amount of energy that we consume.

» Reduce the amount of emissions we produce.

» Reduce the amount of waste we produce.

» Recycle as much of our waste as possible.

» Do everything possible to comply with, and
where possible better, directives, consents and codes issued at
European, national and local levels.

» Operate in a socially responsible manner.

» Protect the environment through our operations
and encourage those that use our services to do the same.

We aim to do this by:

» Applying strict quality controls in all we do.

» Taking environmental issues into account when
choosing equipment and vehicles.

» Ensuring employees are aware of the impact
their actions can have on the environment.

» Carrying out assessments on a regular basis of
the impact our business is having on the environment, including
office and site work.

» Improving work practises as and when new
technology becomes available.

» Ensuring all our sub-contractors share our