Desktop Surveys

For any construction project that is going to involve ground excavation the best starting point is a Desktop Survey. This will give an overall understanding of which utilities and services might be affected from the beginning of any project. The survey will provide information relating to who owns and operates these specific utilities.

Service Location Ltd offer a service that will undertake to obtain these records on behalf of our client and provide a composite AutoCAD plan demonstrating the position of all recorded services. This data can then used, on site, to verify the actual position of services by carrying out a full utility survey. The on site survey will also indicate previously unrecorded new utility services as well as providing information on incorrectly recorded utility locations.

The major benefits of performing a desktop survey are that Clients can make sound investment decisions earlier on in a project resulting in time and cost savings later in any scheme of development. Presentation of data that is already available gives an overall view of information that is still required and this can help the amount of outstanding surveying work that will ultimately need to be carried out.